Insight and psychological adjustment

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Life changing brain injury can be difficult to come to terms with and adjust to. This process is made longer and more difficult by the fact that most people who have a significant brain injury have limited insight into the impact their injury will have on their lives and their futures.

It is vital that brain injury survivors understand the impact their injury has had on them and their families so as to be able to come to terms with lasting personality and lifestyle changes. This is essential for them to form a new post-injury identity.

An inability to adjust reduces a survivor's capability to participate in and benefit from rehabilitation. It also prevents them from returning to previous activities and relationships which results in a growing sense of social isolation and increases their dependency on family support.

This interactive Headway workshop is aimed at helping professionals working with people with brain injury identify insight impairments and address them with practical strategies. It will help them offer advice to facilitate survivors to increase the insight into the functional changes and adjust to their new situations.

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