Edinburgh Marathon Festival

Where: Edinburgh
When: 27/28 May 2018
Registration fees and minimum sponsorship:

  • 10k: Registration fee £10. Minimum sponsorship £100. 
  • Half Marathon: Registration fee £20. Minimum sponsorship £250.
  • Full Marathon: Registration fee £30. Minimum sponsorship £500. 

Jo Eaton stands at the finish of the Edinburgh Marathon with her winner's medal around her neck

Run for Headway!

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Jo's story

Jo Eaton completed the Edinburgh Marathon in 2015 after sustaining a brain injury:

"A marathon is emotional; there were tears in my eyes at the start and finish line.

"After my accident, when I realised the extent of my injuries there was no way I could ever have thought a marathon would be possible. It was a hard two years getting myself to that point, and it was so worth it. I would highly recommend it.

"The experience of crossing the finishing line is amazing. You are exhausted, and a bit dazed, and when the medal is placed around your neck it is done, and you can enjoy this feeling."