Static line jump

What is a Static Line Square Jump?

This is a solo jump. On the first day, you will undergo 5-6 hours of training so you are totally prepared and ready for your jump. On the second day you will be kitted out with your own parachute, jumpsuit, helmet, radio and altimeter, all of which you will have been trained to use. Once kitted up you will be securely hooked up to the aircraft and fly up to an altitude of 3500ft where you will exit! The parachute opens automatically and you are then free to fly around the sky and land in the designated area with radio assistance provided by an instructor on the ground. This really is a fantastic achievement and once completed, you can continue through the static line progression training to become a qualified skydiver.

Points to Remember:

  • Thorough training on the first day for your jump on the following day
  • Use a modern square canopy which allows you to steer!
  • Jump solo from up to 3,000 feet closely supervised by professional parachute instructors
  • Securely attached to a 'static line' designed to automatically open your parachute for you
  • The first step to becoming a qualified skydiver
  • Official certificate to prove that you have completed a solo static line jump and training course

How do I qualify for a free jump?

All you have to do is raise £360 (or more!) for Headway by asking your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you. It may sound like a big challenge but if you ask everybody you know to sponsor you, you will find you can quite easily reach the target and remember, every penny you raise over the minimum will be further contributing to Headway and giving you the chance to make an exhilarating freefall parachute jump for FREE!

Jumps can be booked throughout the year at airfields nationwide. For more information or to book your place, simply follow the link below. What are you waiting for?!

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