Ellie walking for Headway

The UK is home to some breathtaking views, mountain ranges and national parks. Why not see it all, challenge yourself, and fundraise by organising your own walk or signing up to an event where the logistics are taken care of for you!

Explore the great outdoors over your choice of distance and terrain. Whether it’s a short and sociable fundraiser, or a classic long-distance hike or hill walk, every mile you walk and every pound you raise will help brain injury survivors and their families to rebuild their lives. 

Organise your own walk...

It’s your adventure, so where you go and when is completely up to you. You can take on a solo challenge or team up with friends. There are plenty of walks across the UK of varying lengths and difficulties, check out www.nationaltrail.co.uk for routes near to you.

‘I have done many kinds of fundraising over the years, but now my focus is to raise money through walking and what better way to start than by doing it while spending time with Ellie.’

If you need some inspiration, look to the story of Father and Daughter duo Derek and Ellie Allan. Two years ago, seven year old Ellie and her Dad went on a spur of the moment walk with two backpacks. They walked a 17 mile round trip to get an ice cream! For two years since that walk, they had been planning their ‘footprints for others’ walk – 65 miles along the Northumberland Coastal Route from Berwick to Creswell. The amazing duo completed the walk over 3 days and raised more than £1,500 for Headway in the process!

If you’re planning or organising a walk, ensure that family and friends meet you at points along the way. If that’s not possible, make sure there’s someone who knows your route and is waiting to meet you at the end. It’s also important to do a risk assessment to help you anticipate and plan for anything that might go wrong. You can find more information about keeping safe whilst fundraising by visiting our Running your own event  page.

Ellie walking the Northumberland Coast Path

Join an organised walk

If you would prefer for the organisation to be taken care of for you, there are a whole range of challenges that offer the chance to walk through some of Britain’s most beautiful countryside. You can secure your place in any of the below challenges by paying a registration fee and then committing to raise a minimum sponsorship amount in support of brain injury survivors! Alternatively, you can choose to self-fund your challenge and pay for the cost of your walk in full without any fundraising commitments.

However you decide to take part, every mile you walk and every pound you raise will help people affected by brain injury to take back control of their lives.

Let us know your plans and we’ll send you a free fundraising pack full of tips, tools and inspiring ideas for your walk!