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Jamie Gailer

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Jamie Gailer

Jamie Gailer

Brain injury needs to be spotted quickly

Jamie suffered a brain injury when he was knocked down by a car in 1994. On 10 April, 2016, Jamie was driving home from the shops in heavy rain and lost control of his car.

He sustained a cut to his head and was found at the scene confused and disorientated. Police mistakenly believed Jamie Gailer was driving under the influence of alcohol and arrested him.

Subsequently Jamie was taken to court where the Judge found him not guilty and instructed that the costs of his defence should be met from the public purse.

He said: “Just because a person may not have big scars or holes in their head, the authorities fail to believe the scale of the injury or impact of that injury. In my everyday routine I can communicate well. However when I am faced with stressful situations, I can appear drunk because I have difficulties processing information and answering questions.”

Jamie is now supporting Headway’s new Justice Project and Brain Injury Identity Card which aims to help police quickly identify brain injury survivors when they come in contact with the criminal justice system to ensure that the most appropriate support is provided.

Jamie said: “Brain injury needs to be spotted quickly so that the person’s needs can be identified. The cards are a fantastic start to that identification.”

Jamie’s wife, Jane believes that if he had been carrying the ID card then many of the problems could have been avoided. 

She said “I think the cards are brilliant and I wish Jamie had one on him when the accident happened.

"I truly believe the ID card would have meant none of this would have happened.”

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