Support with claims and appeals

Support with your claim

You should always seek support when claiming benefits after brain injury, and when appealing a benefits decision. In many cases, people find it difficult to put the symptoms of their brain injury onto the form and will struggle to give an accurate account of their difficulties. This can often lead to benefits not being awarded to people who are entitled to them.

Organisations such as the Citizen's Advice Bureau, Disabled People's Organisations, Social Services and many Headway Groups and Branches can give benefits support and advice. They may also be able to discuss your situation and tell you which benefits you might be entitled to.

Benefits appeals

Information on what to do if you do not agree with a decision will be included in the decision letter. In most cases, appealing will involve contacting the office that made the decision and asking them to either review the claim or refer it to the Tribunals Service.

You should seek advice and support before appealing, and it is often beneficial to take a representative along with you if you have to attend a tribunal.

Contact the Headway helpline to talk through your situation and get information on sources of support.

General appeals tips

  • If you are appealing to receive a higher rate of a benefit than has been decided, it is important to seek financial advice before making an appeal. This is because although an appeal may be successful, it may also lead to a reconsideration of your entitlement and leave you with less than before the appeal.
  • For your own record, always keep dated copies of letters you have sent out 
  • Make contact with your local Headway group or branch, as they may be able to support you with the appeal process or direct you to other local sources of support. 
  • Be aware of any time limits you may have within which to appeal. If you miss a time limit, you may still be able to appeal if you are able to offer a good reason for why you could not meet the original deadline.