Summary of standards to be assessed

The Approved Provider Scheme is based on a set of standards that encompass the six themes highlighted below.

Headway is managing this project with the experience of the Service User and their family / carer as its main priority. The standards selected for evaluation within each of the above domains thus reflect the need for primary and fundamental care / choice and dignity issues being central to the care provided.


  • AP1: Service Philosophy
  • AP2: Spiritual, Cultural, Social and Sexual Identity
  • AP3: Service Provider’s Ethos
  • AP4: Dignity, Privacy and Care
  • AP5: ABI Awareness/Education for service users and families/carers
  • AP 6: Family support/provision

Systems and Processes

  • AP7: Clinical/Medical Needs
  • AP8: Goal Setting and Outcome Monitoring
  • AP9: Mental Capacity Act (MCA)/Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) or Equivalents
  • AP10: Safeguarding
  • AP11: Record Keeping

Workforce Development

  • AP12: Staff Induction/Evaluation/Feedback
  • AP13: Post Induction Training
  • AP14: Evidence Based Practice

Service Delivery

  • AP15: Communicative Environment
  • AP16: Communication Aids
  • AP17: Support for Cognitive Needs
  • AP18: Shared Decision Making
  • AP 19: Personal Choices and Meaningful Activities
  • AP 20: Reablement
  • AP 21: Emotional Support
  • AP 22: Behaviours that Challenge
  • AP 23: Nutrition

Governance, Leadership & Management and Quality

  • AP24: Quality Assurance, Audit and Evaluation
  • AP25: Staff Selection and Recruitment Procedures
  • AP26: Appropriate Management and Staffing
  • AP27: Policies and Procedures
  • AP28: Health & Safety


  • AP29: Buildings and External Spaces
  • AP30: Equipment