Headway Emergency Fund

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Why does the fund exist?

The Emergency Fund provides grants of up to £500 in the immediate aftermath of brain injury, to help adult brain injury survivors and their families cope with the sudden practical implications. 

Who can apply?

Anyone may apply to the Headway Emergency Fund. We are unable to support applicants who do not reside in the United Kingdom.

Only one application per survivor of a brain injury can be considered.

The purpose of the Headway Emergency Fund is to support families facing an increased financial burden following a brain injury. The fund is limited, so Headway will take into account the financial situation of each applicant when allocating funds and prioritise those with limited resources. We cannot consider applications for families with savings of more than £1000.

What support can we provide?

  • Travel costs for families visiting relatives in hospital or rehabilitation
  • Travel costs to outpatient appointments relating to the brain injury
  • Emergency accommodation costs
  • Essential white goods, e.g. a cooker or a fridge
  • Other family costs in the immediate aftermath of brain injury
  • A one week self-catered carer’s break at a cottage in Pickering, Yorkshire

We are unable fund:

  • Taxi journeys
  • Mortgage or rent payments
  • Food
  • Everyday household expenses
  • Debts
  • Private medical treatment
  • Utility bills
  • Childcare
  • Items or services that are the responsibility of the local authority or NHS to provide
  • Funeral costs

Please note that there must be a link between the request and the brain injury.

How to apply

Click the button below to make an application online. Alternatively, you can download an Emergency Fund application form to print, complete and send back to us.  

Apply now

What happens next?

There are three stages to processing your application:

1. Once we have received the application form, we will contact the applicant and the person in need of the grant (if applicable) for further information.

2. We require confirmation of the brain injury from a medical professional, Headway group/branch, HATS nurse or with an NHS letter. This will be discussed during the initial call with you.

3. Your application will then be assessed. We will be in touch as soon as we have an outcome.


Once we have all the information we require, we will endeavour to make a decision as soon as possible. The decision will be final and we will not enter into further correspondence with applicants.

Whether an application is successful or not, Headway staff and volunteers will endeavour to secure alternative assistance or appropriate signposting for applicants.

Contact us

If you have any questions about the Emergency Fund application process or how to complete this form, please feel free to get in contact.

E-mail: emergencyfund@headway.org.uk

Telephone: 0208 640 8413

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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