Askham Court - Askham Village Community Limited

Askham Court is a neurological re-enablement and rehabilitation centre focusing on supporting individuals back to optimum function as soon as practicable. Situated within Askham Village Community, a group of homes in the East of England, Askham Court can offer a bespoke package of personalised rehabilitation including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, hydrotherapy and speech & language therapy – all under the guidance of a Rehabilitation Consultant.

Upon opening in 2012, Askham Court was awarded the prestigious Pinders National Design Award for Care in the category of Buildings for Young Adults with Physical Challenges. Headway accreditation followed soon after this.

The team at Askham Court, led by the Registered Manager and a Lead Nurse would be happy to show visitors round and discuss how the specific needs of prospective residents can be met.

Services include: Respite Care, Residential Care, Nursing Care, Outpatient Rehab.

Organisation details

13 Benwick Road Doddington

United Kingdom
01354 740 269