Oakwood Acquired Brain Injury Service

Organisation details

Radford Close Offerton

United Kingdom
0161 419 9139

Further information

Personal support is provided for service users, whose primary needs are as a result of an Acquired Brain Injury or enduring Neurological Conditions:

  • To provide personal support and step down rehabilitation service
  • To address the continuing specialised needs for people following a brain injury, primarily between 18 - over 65 years of age
  • To provide or continue an individual programme designed to restore the injured person to the highest level of physical, cognitive, social and behavioural function, with particular emphasis on social re-integration, return to education or exploration of activities, leisure or pre-vocational training. Each programme aims to address both the individual and family needs.
  • To maximise the choices and opportunities to service users which minimise disability and reduce economic and social costs throughout a person's life following a brain injury