A gift in memory

A gift in memory is a special way to celebrate the life of a loved one, benefiting others who have been affected by brain injury.

It is thanks to voluntary donations such as these that we are able to provide the information, support and services that are so vitally needed to brain injury survivors, their families and carers.

Remembering someone special

Headway’s In Memory website provides families with a private and secure online platform with which to share their memories and support one another following the loss of a loved one to brain injury.

It is simple to set up an individual tribute page, on which you can include as much or as little information as you wish. You can also upload images and videos of your loved one. Family and friends can post their memories and messages of support.

In memory - a place to remember, share and donate in memory

Donate in memory of a loved one

There are three ways you can make a donation in memory:

We will reply with a letter of thanks to the donor, unless otherwise requested. Please provide details of the next of kin if you would like us to let them know we have received the donation. We will not disclose the donation amount.