Supporting you

Headway - the brain injury association is a charity set up to give help and support to people affected by brain injury. It does this in a number of ways:


A network of over 100 local Groups and Branches throughout the UK offers a wide range of services, including rehabilitation programmes, carer support, social re-integration, community outreach and respite care. The services available will vary, depending on local needs and resources.


Headway UK provides support to the local Groups and Branches and helps to deliver high quality services through guidance on policies, procedures, standards and training. Other services provided by Headway include:

  • We promote understanding of brain injury and its effects.
  • The Headway helpline provides information, signposts to support services and offers a listening ear to those experiencing problems.
  • We publish an an award-winning range of booklets and factsheets designed to help people to understand and cope with the effects of brain injury.
  • Our comprehensive website contains information on all aspects of brain injury.
  • Our Emergency Fund provides grants for people coping with financial difficulties immediately post-injury.
  • The Brain Injury Identity Card helps in everyday situations and if you come into contact with the criminal justice system. 
  • The Headway Acute Trauma Support (HATS) nurses help families whose loved ones are in the acute stage of care after brain injury.
  • Our Solicitors Directory lists firms with experience of handling brain injury cases across the UK.
  • The Headway Approved Provider directory provides details of accredited residential care services for people with brain injury. 
  • We campaign for measures that will reduce the incidence of brain injury.