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Andrew Purnell

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Andrew Purnell

Andrew Purnell

Poetry has allowed me to revisit challenges and experiences I have been through and conquered.

Like many other forms of creative art, poetry is a popular rehabilitation aid among brain injury survivors. It gives people the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions whilst also boasting a number of cognitive advantages.

Andrew Purnell is just one of many brain injury survivors who has benefitted from poetry following his injury.

In 2015, Andrew suffered a grade four subarachnoid brain haemorrhage. He spent five months in hospital and a further two months in a rehabilitation centre.

Following his brain injury, Andrew decided to start writing poetry. Talking about his new found love of literature, he said: "I have found writing poetry hugely inspirational and rewarding. It's both relaxing and challenging to write about brain injury in different poetic formats.

Poetry has allowed me to revisit challenges and experiences I have been through and conquered.

Andrew is now using his poetry to help inspire others to get creative. He also hopes that some of his work will be of benefit to fellow brain injury survivors who have experienced similar trauma.

Andrew said: "If I could give one piece of advice to other brain injury survivors it would be to experiment with as many activities, groups and pastimes as possible. Keep on challenging yourself whether it be physically or mentally.

It is far better to try and fail, than to not give it a go at all.

Below are just some of Andrew's poems.

Neuro Fatigue

Neuro fatigue is a particular challenge,
And is inevitable after brain damage,
Try not to fight it but accept as a deficit,
With time and help you can learn to manage it.


Inside my bubble looking out,
Wondering how this all came about.
ABI you came and caused neuro damage,
Accepting these deficits is not always easy to manage.

A Date with an Aneurysm

A date with an aneurysm is far from romantic,
Most dates are fun and romance may bloom,
This date normally ends in HDU and the outcome is generally dramatic,
But don't be down beat as life can still be fun - not all doom and gloom.

Life Goes On

Irrespective of ABI life will continue,
Strive to be you, and be contended,
Your injury was not of your asking but can be an issue,
Making the most of each moment should be recommended.

If you're interested in receiving a copy of Andrew's poems, please email Headway's Press Officer.

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