Concussion guides

The information on this page provides links to concussion guidance and assessment tools for sports players. 

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Sport Scotland's If in doubt, sit them out logo

Not all sports governing bodies have robust concussion protocols in place. This document, which was drawn up by the Scottish government's chief medical officer, leading medics and representatives from Sport Scotland and several of the country's sporting bodies, was designed to be suitable for all sports.

Sport and Recreation AllianceThe Forum on Concussion in Sport and Physical Education has produced guidelines that set out the importance of good management of concussion, how to recognise it, how to respond to it and how to ensure a child or young person returns safely to their education and sport.


RFUThe RFU has developed detailed guidance and interactive online courses for players, coaches, match officials, teachers, parents and guardians. 

Welsh Rugby UnionThe WRU has produced comprehensive information with their Concussion: Recognise and remove guidelines, including signs of concussion, on-field management guides and return to play programmes.

The Rugby League has a range of easy to access guides and courses available on their website. 


The FA logoThe Football Association (FA) has developed information and advice about how to recognise and manage a concussion from the time of injury through to a player's safe return to football. 


England Hockey's concussion guidance and policy is available to download on their website along with tools for assessing players. 

Concussion in children

While the signs and immediate effects of concussion are similar for both children and adults, there are subtle differences in concussion management.

The Child Brain Injury Trust has compiled a range of informative factsheets, links and information to help understand and manage concussion in children. 

The Children's Trust have put together guides on the management of concussion among children, with awareness materials aimed at schools, parents and guardians. 

Assessment tools

The documents in the Related resources section provide useful tools for medical professionals to help recognise and assess players with suspected concussion. Always seek medical advice if you have concerns over a player's health, and adopt an 'If in doubt, sit it out' approach.