As part of our A New Me campaign, brain injury survivor and ex-journalist Will Perringwood toured the country with his wife Amy, interviewing other brain injury survivors and their family members about how their condition affects them, and the meaning of the phrase 'a new me'.

Click on an episode title to listen to the podcast. You can also find out more on Will and Amy's blog, From Reporter to Supporter

Episode 1 - Will

In this first episode (which we recorded long before the podcast became a reality) my wife Amy asks me questions about my own brain injury.

It is also a taster of what will come in future episodes, as I use similar questions to interview other brain injury survivors.

Episode 2 - Lewis

In this episode we speak to Lewis from Headway Gloucestershire. It seemed only fitting Lewis is our first episode as he was our first ever interviewee. What made it much easier is Lewis is actually a friend of mine from my own Headway experience, so this was a great way to start our Podcast journey. 

Episode 3 - Jackie

In this episode we interview Jackie from Headway Gloucestershire, who is very honest about her experience overcoming her brain injury. She gives some great advice and honest opinions. 

Episode 4 - Lee

In episode 4 we interview Lee from Headway North West London. Lee's injury has affected his speech but he has triumphed over this to bring you some amazing insights into thriving after a brain injury. 

Episode 5 - Carly

In this episode we interview Carly from Headway North West London, who made them laugh throughout their entire visit! She is honest and open and loves to crack jokes and make people laugh, a pure delight to talk to. 

Episode 6 - Joe

In this episode, we interview Joe from Headway North West London, who is cool, calm and collected. His voice is so smooth and he gives some amazing advice on how to accept becoming 'A New Me'.