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The old me is not the ...

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The old me is not the new me

Kevin Brown

The old me is not the new me

Brain injury survivor Kevin Brown submitted this wonderful artwork that describes his brain injury, along with a poem titled 'The new me'.

About Kevin

We asked Kevin a few questions about his creative work:

Q: Tell us about your brain injury

A: "It's life changing."

Q: What message do you want to send to people through your creative work?

A: "The change is massive, not only for me but also for the family - probably worse for them."

Q: How does your piece of art relate to A New Me following brain injury?

A: "It tells about me"

Kevin finishes with a wonderful message about the support he received from his local Headway group: "Headway Southampton helps build confidence."

The new me

"The old me is not the new me
Now I’ve become the next version
I like who I am now
When I came to headway on a Friday
I started on my way
Away from the day
Where everything changed
Was it for the best?
NO I need a rest
But life is good
There’s no reason to worry
As I’m not in a hurry
It’s the way it turned out
And I’d like to shout “THIS IS ME”
Out a newer model
I think I could get to like me
As much as before
Because it’s me, the new me
That you see
Before you
Today I have a good life
And a lovely wife
Who helps in everyway
Things become
Strange because of the change that’s happened
But it’s good
And I should more I’m told
But I am happy being me
If I go to the beach
I can reach a place of peace
Where I chill out
And can shout
As loud as I want
I am me
At the sea
With no reply
Which is nice
It’s a place where I am safe
There’s no crowds
Which are nice in the sun
They were there when I begun
On this new one
As I’m me, I’ve lived"


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