What constitutes a Unit?

As specified in the Headway Approved Provider Project Terms and Conditions, a Unit is defined as:

'.... any single operational Unit with a specific remit (e.g. neuro rehab, slow stream rehab, TLU) within a single-managed residential facility (such unit to be identified by Headway at its absolute discretion)'.

Headway recognises the need to look at internal organisational variations to best determine how a facility will be assessed. The following gives examples of some common variations affecting Headway's decision. This list is not exhaustive and is for illustration only.

a) Large generalist facilities (e.g. Nursing Home registered for physical disability / learning disability / mental health). Such a facility may have variable / changing numbers of ABI service users, cared for alongside those with other aetiologies (e.g. developmental physical disability). Headway would view this as a single Unit, and base core costs on the overall bed capacity of the facility.

b) Units holding individual CQC registration (or equivalent) will each be considered as an individual Unit for assessment purposes

c) Units within a single build (e.g. 2 floors / wings) / adjoining buildings having either parallel or multiple functions, e.g. high dependency / active rehab / internal transitional living areas. Headway will determine whether such a facility will be assessed as one or as multiple (2 or more) units. The decision will be based on factors including whether the:

I. Units have a single staff group working across all areas, and/or where service users can access all parts of the provision, based on changing clinical / rehab / care needs. Headway would view this as a single Unit, and base costs for assessment on the overall bed capacity of the facility.
II. Units have a staff group working into designated area(s) only, and/or where service users can access only the part of the provision, based to which they have been admitted (i.e. cannot move to another area in light of changing clinical / rehab / care needs). Headway would view these as multiple (2 or more) units, and base costs for assessment on the overall bed capacity of each identified Unit.

d) A physically separate unit co-registered under the same CQC registration, but on another site (e.g. TLU bungalow in another location) may also need to be considered as a separate Unit, needing to apply separately for assessment within the project.

If you have any doubts as to how your unit should be classified, please contact the Approved Provider Manager for discussion and clarification.