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One of Headway's aims is to raise awareness of brain injury, so we are keen to offer assistance to any journalists who wish to cover a related story. 

You may be interested in other areas of our site, including news and statements on topical issues. These areas allow you to keep up-to-date with the latest news in the field and get more background information.

Case studies

Our Brain injury and me section is a comprehensive directory of personal experiences - where people with brain injury and their family members share their inspirational stories of life after brain injury.

We also have a number of videos about brain injury and its effects. 

Stats about brain injury

Using hospital admissions statistics, Headway has compiled the first dataset on all ABI-related hospital admissions in the UK

Our spokespeople

Headway can provide expert comment on any brain injury-related issue, including coma, the effects of brain injury, access to rehabilitation, concussion in sport, safe cycling and the use of helmets, boxing and welfare benefits. 

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For press enquiries, including out-of-hours contacts, please get in touch with our press team on or 07760 996 139.