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Lost in a crowd

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Lost in a crowd

Lost in a Crowd

You realise who your real friends are
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After having a stroke at the age of 22, Ross Davies found other people did not consider the hidden effects of his brain injury.

A recent trip to London with friends turned into a nightmare when they didn't consider the side-effects of his brain injury that he has to live with every day.

He said: "My friends wanted to go out at 9am and do stuff all day only grabbing sandwiches to eat. They wanted to stay out till midnight. It's stuff my brain can't handle. It was horrible.

"Because I don't struggle walking and or have a visible disability people think I'm 100% fine.

"They don't understand that on some days just getting up is a real challenge."

Since that weekend away Ross no longer talks to one of his old friends. But he still sees his best friend on a regular basis, who is now more understanding of the effects of his brain injury.

When you're in a situation like that you realise who your real friends are.

Special thanks to the team and service users at Headway Cardiff, as well as The Crows Nest in Cwmbran for your support in making this film.


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