Approved Provider scheme

Headway has developed the Approved Provider scheme, an accreditation scheme open to residential care settings. This includes NHS and independent hospitals, neuro-rehabilitation units, residential and nursing homes and respite facilities, specialising in acquired brain injury (ABI).

The Headway Approved Provider accreditation logoThe scheme utilises standards developed to reflect the specific needs of people with ABI, using these to evaluate a range of facilities including hospitals and neuro-rehabilitation units, residential and nursing homes and respite facilities.

The process involves units signing off a statement of compliance against each required standard and undergoing a robust on-site assessment, within an inspection system that also involves unannounced interim reviews.

This process ensures that units gaining Approved Provider status can demonstrate their provision of appropriate specialist care for those with complex, physical and/or cognitive impairment due to acquired brain injury. Key aspects of the process include ensuring staff working in the unit are aware of and responsive to issues associated with ABI, and that the unit gives consideration to the information and other needs of the service user, their family and carers.

Each successful unit is accredited by Headway for a two year period as an Approved Provider, able to meet the needs of those affected by ABI.

Headway has compiled a web-based directory of Approved Providers for use by families and professionals. As outlined above, accreditation lasts for two years, with an initial assessment and an unannounced review during this time.

Quotes from Approved Providers

"It is helpful to get a different perspective on our service"

"A well thought out scheme that supports our efforts to improve our service"

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