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Phillip Cragg

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Phillip Cragg

Phillip Cragg

My brain injury affects me now more than ever.

Phillip Cragg was just 20 years old when his life was turned upside down because of an accident at work.

Phillip, now 38, was working at an independent plumbing and heating supplies company when two pallets of radiators fell from the back of a lorry and onto him.

He said: “I cut my knees and ankles open, but more seriously, my head. I had a right frontal lobe contusion and the following month I began having seizures and was diagnosed with epliepsy.”

Phillip’s Glasgow Coma Scale score fell from 15 to 14.

“At first, my brain injury didn’t affect me – I didn’t know what to look out for,” he said.

Phillip returned to work shortly after but faced some unexpected challenges as a result of his brain injury.

He said: “I’d always had a good work ethic and obviously needed money, so I went back. But I started making mistakes on the job and forgetting things because of my new memory problems.

“I eventually left the company because of the tensions of me filing a claim against them and gained employment elsewhere. But I still struggled, my epilepsy wasn’t under control, so I left in October 2003 and haven’t been able to return to work since.”

Despite hoping this would reduce the impact his injury has on his daily life, Phillip is still struggling to manage its effects.

He added: “My brain injury affects me now more than ever. I feel about 90 years old now – I’m fatigued all the time. I try to keep active at the gym but it’s hard.

“After the accident I filed a litigation claim and had all sorts of support; case managers, solicitors, social workers, and now, nothing.

My best friend always said: ‘Live every day as if it’s your last, you nearly died once. Every day isn't a good day but when you do have good days, ENJOY THEM!

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