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Brain Injury And Covid: Michael Perry

Michael Perry

The online sessions with Headway Hertfordshire have been really beneficial for my recovery.

The COVID-19 lockdown has caused unprecedented change to the lives of us all, and for some brain injury survivors who rely on routine, this change has been difficult to come to terms with.

Indeed, Headway’s survey into the impact of lockdown shows that almost 70% of respondents felt that changes to their routine have disrupted daily life.

Brain injury survivor Michael Perry has found that taking part in virtual activities and group sessions with his local Headway group in Hertfordshire has been a great way to maintain a sense of routine.

51-year-old Michael found Headway Hertfordshire after an accident at home resulted in a hypoxic brain injury and he was just about to start attending the group’s community outreach programme when the lockdown started.

Luckily, Michael has still been able to access the support he needs through Headway Hertfordshire’s online services which were developed in response to the pandemic.

He is now a member of the group’s Helping Acquired Brain Injury Together – or HABIT – project which gives survivors the skills and knowledge they need to return to work or volunteering positions, and he also has one-to-one sessions with an Occupational Therapist.

Michael says that having these plans in place have helped him to develop a sense of routine and normality during the uncertainty of COVID-19.

“The online sessions with Headway Hertfordshire have been really beneficial for my recovery,” he said. “They help to keep me and my brain active and engaged.

Michael and Karen
It’s also great to be able to speak to other people who have gone through similar experiences and know how you’re feeling.

Headway Hertfordshire have also been supporting Michael’s wife Karen during lockdown by offering a listening ear and someone to talk to.

Karen said: “It’s been so helpful to be able to speak to people at Headway. If I have any questions or worries, I know where to turn to.”

Michael hopes that once lockdown restrictions ease, he’ll be able to carry on the HABIT project face-to-face and take advantage of the community outreach and support available.


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