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Never give up

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Never give up

Lee Hughes

Never give up

A severe car crash in 2004 left Lee with a severe brain injury. Now, the Headway Southampton member has put together a poem and a drawing to explore what 'A New Me' means to him and inspire others to never give up...

Back in 2004,
February I think it was,
My life turned upside down.
Severe car crash.
How I survived I do not know.
I did,
And I lived,
And I’m here today.

My journey to recovery,
Laid in bed,
Can’t talk,
Can’t walk,
Where do I go from here?
Thinking to myself,
“I’ve got to do something
Something about this”
Anger, upset,
Should I give up?
No, I’ll fight to the end.

With help I managed to get focused,
Talking, walking, laughing,
Getting closer to myself again.
Coming across pain,
But never giving up.
I’m not stressing,
I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
Shine the light on me,
The new me.

I had my kids this weekend,
Harley and Ava-Louise,
I love them,
Having them both together,
Sunshiney weekend,
Barbecue with their cousins.
What else could I ask for,
Than to be with my kids?
What else could I ask for,
On a nice weekend?

The new me,
The new Lee,
On the mend.


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