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My poetry: Helen Wilson

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My poetry: Helen Wilson

My poetry: Helen Wilson

I hope this may provide encouragement for others to write.

A little bit about me

Hello, on the 1st June 2013 I suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury, this has changed my life forever, in some ways for the better but the majority is for the worse.

I am determined not to let this beat me, I have just managed to accept it now, I am learning who I am and building a new pathway, I have days where I’m stuck at the crossroads not knowing which way to turn, days where thoughts in my head cause confusion and also days that are a blur but hey ho, I’m here right!!

I started my poetry when asked to write a thoughts diary, I felt pressure and could not cope but needed my thoughts to disappear and clear my brain, I find it helps me a lot.

I hope this may provide encouragement for others to write, which will help them to clear and understand their thoughts and feelings but most importantly to know that they’re not alone on this journey.

Thank you for taking the time to read my poems.

Take care


My life is now different, I hate all this change, I’ve got so much stuff I need to rearrange. It’s hard to wake up knowing the day, I won’t talk to many people now as I don’t know what to say. It’s easy to stay quiet and behind the closed door, Apart from my walks where I can explore. I like being alone, there’s no hassle at all, Being involved in drama and chaos, makes my recovery hit a brick wall. I am blamed for everything but hang on why? Sometimes individuals find it hard holding their hands high. It’s time to get rid of this paranoid soul, Maybe accepting things now should be my new goal. I should hold my head high, this is so I’m told, Start venturing out, build confidence and leave all the old. It takes a lot of courage to reach out and be brave, This new me was failing, I need help to get me out of my cave. List after list of writing the new me down, Encouraged me to learn the way things will be, as I write with a frown! I won’t give up now and will continue to grow, Acceptance is the key, once you are there then you’ll know.
No such word as can’t  When I was younger, adults used to say, It’ll all end in tears or Back in my day! They would come out with sayings that I didn’t understand, I just used to think it was them giving a demand. Do as I say, not as I do and If your mate jumped off a cliff, would you? I could go on forever, are these false? No, they aren’t, A certain one is true and that is, there is no such word as can’t. As I grow older, I repeat these to my son, I hope he takes them on board like I’ve obviously done, They actually make sense in their own special way, Sometimes I often wish I was back in my day! You will get What if’s and Should I’s a lot of the time, And also, thoughts of wanting to be back in your prime. Back to your hobbies and things you loved to do, But now is so different, I am useless, but is this true? Don’t bring yourself down and think all is bad, I understand that’s easy too when you lose all that you had. Believe me when I say, give it a try, You may surprise yourself not giving up and this is why, Things are a bit harder now, accept it and plan, Just remember one thing, change from I can’t to I can.

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