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Animation: Memory loss...

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Animation: Memory loss after brain injury

Animation: Memory loss after brain injury

"I just need a bit more understanding"
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Our Memory loss after brain injury animation was produced in response to the findings of a survey conducted by Headway – the brain injury association which found that 72% of brain injury survivors feel that the people in their life don't understand their memory problems.

Launched at the start of the charity’s Action for Brain Injury (ABI) Week 2020 campaign, which focuses on memory loss after brain injury, the animation aims to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by those affected.

It tells the story of Tony, a father who sustained a brain injury in a car accident. After waking from a coma, he didn’t recognise his family and closest friends.

The animation, which was created by The Like Minded, goes on to explore themes of relationship breakdown and the frustration of not remembering everyday events, while taking the viewer along a journey as Tony and his family try to get to grips with a new way of life.

Importantly, the animation gives brain injury survivors and their loved ones guidance on seeking support - whether that be through ringing Headway’s nurse-led, freephone helpline or accessing information on coping strategies within its factsheets and booklets.


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