Evelyn Vincent

Evelyn is a founder member of Headway Basingstoke, which started in 1982. She was instrumental in their opening of the second Headway House in the UK in 1986.

Brain injury has been part of her life for 30 years as her brother suffered a catastrophic brain injury in 1977, when she was 15. He died in 1987, and Evelyn has continued her work for Headway at local, UK and international level.

She has been Chairman of Headway Basingstoke since 1984, and has previously chaired the South East Region. Evelyn served on the Board of Trustees from 1986 - 1988, and from 1997 to date and is currently Deputy Chair of Headway UK. She has served on the Audit Committee, is currently Chair of the Membership Committee. She is also Headway UK representative for BIF, Brain Injury Confederation for Europe. Evelyn has two children, one of whom has special education needs.