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New website eases the ...

New website eases the burden of families dealing with sudden, acute brain injury Main Image

New website eases the burden of families dealing with sudden, acute brain injury

Tue 04 Sep 2018

I'm calling about Chris helps you to connect, share, and update those who care.

‘Keeping loved ones updated was so draining’

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Headway has launched an innovative new website called I'm calling about Chris in order to help people keep family and friends updated on the condition of a loved one 
following brain injury.

I'm calling about Chris is designed to make it easier to ‘connect, share and update those who care’ by providing regular updates without having to spend hours on the phone each night, exhausted after spending 15 hours at the hospital bedside.

The easy-to-use platform allows you to quickly and simply create a page dedicated to your loved one before drafting and posting updates on their condition using your smartphone or tablet. This can be done while you wait in the hospital, rather than on your return home from an emotionally exhausting day.

Importantly, the interactive set-up allows friends and family to post supportive comments in return.

“At Headway, we understand how difficult it can be to sit by the bedside of a loved one who is in critical care following a sudden acquired brain injury,” said Luke Griggs, Director of Communications.

“For many families, the relief that their loved one has survived can quickly be replaced by uncertainty and fear about what the future may hold.

“Any remaining strength can then be sapped by making or receiving dozens of calls each evening from worried family and friends, each understandably eager for updates.

“We hope that by taking an innovative approach we can relieve just a little pressure.”

Your questions answered

How much does it cost to use?

I’m calling about Chris is entirely free to use, whether you’re creating a page or commenting on one.

How do I set up a page?

Just go to and follow the on-screen instructions. It’s simple to do and will only take a few moments.

What information can I share?

What you choose to share is entirely up to you – providing it conforms to our house rules. You control what goes on your page, whether you choose to upload photos, videos or simple text updates.

Who can comment on my page?

Again, that’s up to you as the page owner. You will have full control.

Can anyone see my page, or can it remain private?

You can choose to keep your profile private, only allowing people to access it via a unique link distributed by you, or you can keep the page open so that people can find your page using the search function.

What additional information is on the site?

Importantly, I’m calling about Chris also includes useful information about brain injury to help everyone connected with your loved one to better understand both the acute stage of care and how they might be affected in the long term.

There’s also a new section dedicated to friends and family members who are keen to provide you with practical support while you’re at the hospital.

To find out more or to start using I’m calling about Chris, visit

My story

"My phone was ringing constantly...but I was too exhausted to talk"

“I’m calling about Chris can’t alleviate the strain and turmoil, but if it relieves just some of the pressure, it has to be a good thing.”

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