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Your song: Headway's very own Spotify playlist! Main Image

Your song: Headway's very own Spotify playlist!

Mon 14 May 2018

We asked our supporters to tell us the one song that means the most to them in the context of life after brain injury – and why – in order to create our very own Life After Brain Injury playlist on Spotify.

You can listen to the playlist now by clicking the button below, and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify - we'll be adding more to it over the coming weeks and months!

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Life after brain injury

MOUNTAIN - Only Girl

Chosen by Headway

Ellen McKechnie, who performs as Only Girl, wrote Mountain for her husband Jamie who sustained a brain injury in 2011. “When I perform this song, it usually brings me close to tears,” Ellen said.


Chosen by Headway

Asher Bourke’s track is based on her initial feelings as she raced to her partner Paul’s hospital bedside.

THIS IS ME (from The Greatest Showman) - Kesha

Chosen by Joanne Wood

Joanne said: “This track is very relevant when accepting the new me. No apology, this is me!”

BAT OUT OF HELL - Meatloaf

Chosen by Lilian Morris

Lilian chose Bat out of Hell because it “…rouses me up and reminds me of good times to be repeated!”

YOU BETTER RUN - Liam Gallagher

Chosen by Corey Hegarty

Why did Corey choose this song? Simple: “…just because it’s a banging rock-and-roll tune that motivates me on a bad day.”

ALBATROSS - Fleetwood Mac

Chosen by Shirley Ireland-Jones

“This song helped me focus on my breathing at a time when processing language was diffi cult,” said Shirley.

I GIORNI - Ludovico Einaudi

Chosen by Eileen Poole

This track was chosen by Eileen, who said: “Its simplicity is the perfect ‘medicine’ for my brain as there are no demanding lyrics... just beautiful, melodic piano music.”


Chosen by David Bogie

While 12-year-old David was in a coma, his parents regularly played his favourite song, repeatedly asking him to identify it. When he started to regain consciousness his
first words were ‘Freedom, Freedom’, a story that’s printed on the back of the proud band’s album!


Chosen by Natasha Cassidy

“This was one I listened to on repeat on the journey to and from the hospital,” said Natasha. “I always focused on these lyrics...It’s hard enough being alone, sitting here by the phone. Waiting for your memories to come and play...”

RISE UP - Andra Day

Chosen by Hayley Nye

“This song helped me discover my strength to battle through the really hard times and reminded me to never give up,” said Hayley.

TUBTHUMPING - Chumbawamba

Chosen by Sean Dolan

“I think that chorus sums up what I had to do over and over throughout the recovery,” said Sean.

BEST DAY OF MY LIFE - American Authors

Chosen by Julia Robertson

Julia: “This song has been a major theme in my recovery from brain surgery. I even created a piece of art based on it.”


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