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Sometimes… We Don’t Ge...

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Sometimes… We Don’t Get The Chance To Say Goodbye

Tue 01 Dec 2020

When songwriter Wayne Plant’s good friend Lisa died unexpectedly in 2019, he found that it was music that helped him to honour her memory.

Lisa looking at the camera wearing a grey ACDC t-shirtWayne and Lisa first became friends in 2014 when she messaged him online about the rock band Queen. They were both avid fans and this mutual love lead to six wonderful years of friendship. They’d attend concerts and gigs together and spend hours talking about their favourite band.

But in 2018, Lisa suddenly and tragically died from a brain aneurysm. Wayne said: “I, like everyone else, was friends with Lisa because she was so much fun. Lisa was loved by everyone, especially all her Queen friends.

“A family friend told me she was seriously ill in hospital and that she had suffered a brain aneurysm. I messaged her saying ‘Stay strong darling, you can pull through this’ – she never got the message and died just a few hours later.

“Lisa was a wonderful mother to two children and always the life and soul of the party. She chose to donate her organs and saved at least five other lives. Even after her death, she was still helping others.”

Sadly, due to personal matters, Wayne couldn’t attend Lisa’s funeral. It was because of this that he was inspired to write a song called Sometimes… We Don’t Get The Chance To Say Goodbye.

“I began thinking about Lisa and not being able to go to her funeral, then I started writing down the first lines of the song - 'Sometimes you never get the chance to say goodbye. Sometimes you don't realise that your heart is simply made of glass, you feel it crack, you feel it break when good times start to pass.' This song is a lasting tribute to her.

“I believe music is a gift that should be given back if possible. During these difficult times it is heart-breaking to see that some people have not been able to say goodbye to their loved ones, so I hope people take comfort from this song.”

Wayne worked alongside singer Lydia Eliza and his company Intimate Rush Music to produce the song, of which 100% of the royalties will be donated to Headway throughout the month of December.

The song is now available to buy or download on all major streaming sites, such as iTunes and Spotify. Wayne hopes that it’ll make Christmas number one.


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