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The Headway Zoom Panto...

The Headway Zoom Pantomime Main Image

The Headway Zoom Pantomime

Tue 05 Jan 2021

The Headway Coventry and Warwickshire Groups have been meeting weekly on Zoom since Lockdown began in March 2020. After a few weeks of getting used to Zoom with comments 'we can't hear you', 'we can't see you' there was lots of chat and laughter.

A few months ago an idea was borne to host a Pantomime for Christmas. I found a wonderful script online and adapted it for Zoom.

I was also set the challenge of weaving in all Xander's World Cup Winners. Over Lockdown Xander ran World Cups of various things such as favourite pet, soft drink, place to visit. There are 10 in total which you will find peppered into the script, marked by King Arvin! With Xander's Winners in the script we thought it fitting to call the Pantomime Xanderella with him playing the lead role!

Xanderalla - The Zoom Pantomime

Everyone threw themselves into their roles wholeheartedly and each week people turned up in their new costumes. One week whilst rehearsing, Xanderella, in his long blonde wig and full beard, had to stop to get a delivery at the door! We all laughed at what the delivery person must have thought, but I don't think they batted an eyelid!

Another person had to conduct a consultant phone call in the middle of rehearsals again in Full Costume. She said it was a good job it wasn't a video call!

In a tense and stressful time, with some of the Group shielding and not going out since March, the Pantomime gave us all a well needed focus of doing something fun. During the pandemic, we have all got to know each other and offered comfort and support. The Headway Zoom call has been one of the highlights of my week and I was absolutely thrilled to put on the Pantomime with them.

They enjoyed it so much they now want to do another one at Easter! Watch this space!

- By Sharon Brooks


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