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Headway News summer 2019

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Headway News summer 2019

Mon 17 Jun 2019

Another jam-packed issue features the latest news from Headway, a gambling special feature, Brain drain: Wake up to fatigue! campaign round-up, a focus on creative writing, and real-life stories from brain injury survivors and their carers.

We all know what it’s like to feel tired or drained of energy, but the effects of chronic fatigue following brain injury are in another category entirely.

Brain injury survivors have described it as if walking through concrete or feeling like they’re living in a constant fog.

Pathological fatigue as a result of brain injury can be completely debilitating, frustrating, and for many truly baffling to understand – even by survivors themselves.

Brain Drain: Wake up to fatigue! is our new campaign that we hope will raise awareness and increase understanding of this hidden effect of brain injury.

Launched as part of this year’s Action for Brain Injury Week, the campaign has at its heart the real-life perspectives and experiences of those living with brain injury-related fatigue.

More than 3,000 people took part in a study to find out the extent to which fatigue can impact every aspect of life after brain injury, and our thanks go out to each and every person who gave their time and energy to help us shape this campaign.

The results are certainly eye-catching – but perhaps not surprising.

They show that for many people the complex and hidden nature of their condition is widely misunderstood, which can result in them being treated unfairly.

When a trip to the shops, a meal out with friends, or a walk around the park with your children leaves you so drained of energy that you need to sleep for hours afterwards just to recharge your batteries, it is easy to understand just how much impact fatigue can have on everyday life.

Relationships, your sense of identity, and self-esteem can all take a massive hit. All the plans you might have laid out have to be readjusted, scaled down or abandoned.

The experiences of Lottie, David and Julie on page 20 are just three examples of this. But they also show how coping strategies can help. Throughout Action for Brain Injury Week we shared many stories of brain injury survivors talking about all the issues surrounding fatigue. Make sure you have a read of them on social media (@HeadwayUK) or on our website.

We urge you to share these stories with your loved ones, with your friends and your employers. Let’s make as much noise as possible and hopefully we can help people Wake up to fatigue!


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